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The Goethe University of Frankfurt (GUF) is one of the largest German universities with a strong profile in life sciences, smoothly integrating the full range of natural science disciplines with the academic medical centre. GUF has a reputation for pursuing interdisciplinary programs and has been very successful in securing funding for three Excellence Clusters, two of them in the fields of natural/life sciences and translational biomedicine. The Institute of Biochemistry II (IBC2) is a basic research institute situated on the medical campus and sustaining an outstation on the natural science campus. This setting has fuelled numerous interdisciplinary projects integrating structural biology, functional studies and translational approaches.



Originally from Zagreb, Croatia, Ines obtained her MD degree with Honours from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb in July 2015. After passing a national exam, she has been working as a medical doctor at the Institute for Emergency Medicine of Zagreb County. She was awarded with several scholarships and completed internships in KABEG Klinikum - Austria, University Hospital Vall d’Hebron - Spain and Texas Medical Center – USA focusing on both clinical and translational medicine. Recently, Ines joined the lab of Ivan Đikić as a PhD student. Her PhD will focus on investigating the linear chain ubiquitinome and its pharmacological targeting in inflammation and bacterial infection.