Evrydiki ASIMAKI

Early-Stage Researcher


Partner Lab

The Institute of Molecular Biology Mainz (IMB) (www.imb.de) is a basic research centre on the campus of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany. Scientists at IMB aim to understand the biology of the cell nucleus, focusing on epigenetic gene regulation, genome stability and developmental processes. IMB hosts researchers from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from biochemists, molecular and cell biologists to computational biologists and physicists, thus fostering and international and interdisciplinary atmosphere. IMB’s state-of-the-art Core Facilities provide access to sophisticated equipment as well as training and expert advice from dedicated staff in bioinformatics, cytometry, genomics, microscopy and proteomics.




Evrydiki obtained a 5-year degree in Pharmacy from the University of Patras, Greece. Her thesis focused on the “Investigation of the expression pattern of gemc1 (Lynkeas), in cell cycle” in the lab of Prof. Z. Lygerou with co-supervision of Prof. G. Patrinos.  She continued her studies with a 2-year Master Program at the University of Crete, and worked on her master thesis in the lab of Prof. N. Tavernarakis, studying the Autophagy in the nervous system of C.elegans.  Evrydiki participated in the IGBMC Summer School in Strasbourg, where she did a 2-month internship in the lab of Dr. I. Sumara studying the Allosteric regulation of the mitotic Polo-like Kinase 1 (PLK1) during development. She also completed a 3-month internship in the lab of A. Losada, in the National Cancer Research Center of Spain where she worked on the role of CENP-K and CENP-N in cell cycle and in the mechanisms of chromosome segregation. Last but not least, Everydiki participated in a 2-month internship in the lab of Prof. J.M.Peters at the Vienna Biocenter. It gave her the opportunity to work on a project focusing on the Interaction between cohesion and the loading complex, for which she was awarded with the best presentation and project prize.