Francesca FRIGENTI

Early-Stage Researcher

Partner Lab

The University of Liverpool (UNILIV) is a public, non-profit University encompassing all aspects of medical science, from fundamental research on human biology to patientoriented and point-of-care clinical research. The University of Liverpool belongs to the Russell group of elite UK universities. The faculty of life sciences encompasses four institutes (Translational Medicine, Integrative Biology, Ageing and Chronic Disease, Infection and public health). The faculty provides one of the largest concentrations of health and life science expertise in the UK. The Institute of Translational Medicine (ITM) covers a broad spectrum of areas from basic cellular and molecular physiology to translational research on drug safety and clinical pharmacology. ITM is currently training over 250 Masters and PhD students.



Francesca Frigenti was born in Italy where she studied Health Biotechnologies at the University of Naples Federico II and Molecular Biology and Genetics at the University of Pavia. She worked for two years as Intern in the Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Alternative Splicing within the CNR (Italian National Research Council) of Pavia.

She also gained some experience in Diagnostics at the Department of Molecular Genetics within the Hospital Andrea Tortora of Pagani.

She now studies towards a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Physiology at the University of Liverpool, where she works under the supervision of Prof. Sylvie Urbé and Prof. Michael Clague, studying the cell biology of Deubiquitylases enzymes and exploring their potential as therapeutic drug targets.