Our PhD Students also known as Early Stage Researcher (ESR) spend sometime doing research activities in partner institutions (Secondments).

Secondments Calendar

ESR1a : 1st year, 2 months, 2rd year, 1 month
ESR1b : 2nd year, 3 months
ESR2a : 1st year, 2 months, 2nd year, 1 month
ESR3a : 2nd year, 1.5 months, 3rd year, 1.5 months
ESR4 : 1st year, 3 months
ESR5 : 2nd year, 1 months, 3rd year, 2 months
ESR6 : 2nd year, 1.5 months, 3rd year, 1.5 months
ESR7 : 1st year, 3 months
ESR8 : 2nd year, 3 months
ESR9 : 2nd year, 1.5 months, 2nd year, 1.5 months
ESR10 : 1st year, 3 months
ESR11 : 2nd year, 3 months
  • ESR1a (CNRSa-Rodriguez): i) UNIVDUN, Prof R.T. Hay, , to perform MS analysis; ii) Hybrigenics, Dr Jean Christophe Rain, to develop assays to measure interactions UBD-Ubiquitylated proteins.
  • ESR1b (CNRSa-Xirodimas) : LUMCb, Prof H. Ovaa, , for the chemical synthesis of NEDD8 chains of defined topology and composition (poly vs. hybrid).
  • ESR2a (MPGa-Pichler) : i) LUMCa, Dr A. Vertegaal, , for MS and bioinformatics analysis; ii) UbiQ, Dr F. El Oualid, , for the design of ZNF451 inhibitory drugs.
  • ESR3a (LUMCa-Vertegaal) : i) IMB, Prof H. Ulrich, , to study a potential role of SUMO-Ub in the DNA damage response; ii) MPGa, Dr A. Pichler, , for biochemical analysis of novel SUMO-Ub receptor proteins.

  • ESR3b (LUMCb-Ovaa) : MRC, Dr Y. Kulhatu, 1st year, 3 months, for structure elucidation of novel (mixed) chains.

  • ESR4 (FMI-Thomas) : Novartis, Dr M. Renatus, 1st year, 3 months, for assay development, compound screening and structure solution of compound-bound protein assemblies.
  • ESR5 (UNILIV-Urbe) : i) LUMCb, Prof H. Ovaa, for generation of chain selective DUB probes; ii) MRC, Dr Y. Kulhatu, , for UbiCREST application.

  • ESR6 (CIC bioGUNE-Barrio): i) LUMCa, Dr A. Vertegaal, , for MS analysis; ii) ITAV, Dr M.S. Rodriguez, , to validate the results obtained by TUBEs/SUBEs technology.
  • ESR7 (MRC-Kulathu) : UNILIV, Dr S. Urbe, , on the biological DUB function in mitophagy.

  • ESR8 (GUF-Dikic) : LUMCb, Prof. H. Ovaa, , for the development of activity based probes against bacterial E3 ligases.
  • ESR9 (IMB-Ulrich) : i) LUMCa, Dr A. Vertegaal, , to collaborate on MS approaches to identify interaction partners of Etp1/BRAP2, ii) UNILIV, Dr S. Urbe, , to obtain expertise in mammalian cell culture, CRISPR/Cas9 technology and to collaborate on mechanistic aspects of BRAP2.
  • ESR10 (UNIVDUN-Hay) : LUMCb, Prof H. Ovaa, , to learn the principles of chemical synthesis of Ub and SUMO polymers to generate chains of defined length.
  • ESR11 (Novo Nordisk-Nielsen) : LUMCb, Prof H. Ovaa, , to develop peptide and protein chemical synthesis tools.