Whiteboard animation - What is UbiCODE ?

April 2022 | created by the coordination team as part of the MSCA Cancer Cluster Event

Post-translational modifications (PTM) by members of the Ubiquitin (Ub) family represent an efficient way to regulate almost every biological process. Defects in this homeostatic equilibrium, result in pathologies such as cancer, neurodegeneration, inflammation or multiple infections. For this reason, this research area has become very attractive for fundamental scientists as well as for the pharmaceutical industry aiming to identify potential targets for therapeutic intervention.

Check out this video to learn more about the UbiCODE innovative training network !

Whiteboard animation - CR8 is a novel molecular glue degrader

October 2020 | with the participation of Zuzanna Kozicka (FMI - Thomä Lab)

Paper breakdown - How to identify new molecular glue degraders

September 2020 | by Zuzanna Kozicka (FMI - Thomä Lab)

Molecular glue degraders are a new class of drugs that work by facilitating an interaction between a disease-causing target protein and a ubiquitin ligase complex, tagging the target protein for degradation. In this new video, members of the Thomä group, in collaboration with the Broad Institute, explain how they identified and characterized a new molecular glue degrader compound called CR8, showing that it is unlike any of the previously identified molecular glue degraders.

Credits : design and production by Beverly Prosser